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Need help for my IGCSE
« on: July 23, 2014, 05:02:57 pm »
Hello, my Name is Marco, and i need Help for my IGCSE English Core that i did this year.

We had our Mid-term exams last week, and our English was an Past IGCSE extendet paper   (I am sorry for my gramma, even its not an excuse, I am German, so pleas dont kill me for bad gramma x: )

i actually completly fail it, how u can see in the pdf that i post with this theard.

So, the reason why i write in this Forum is now, that I need help to finde out what i can do better, and what i have do so wrong, and what i need to practise until my IGCSE English Core.

i hope you guys can help me.

The Link to the pdf :

Virus total scan if it needed  (in other Forums you allways need it when u post somethink, so i just added it beacus i am not sure about the rules here)
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Re: Need help for my IGCSE
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2021, 08:32:36 am »
Dear Mr. Macro,
Good day!
I understood from your writing that you did not attempt the IGCSE PAST
PAPER that well. I have few suggestions which can help you increase your

1. I would first recommend you to go through atleast 10 to 15 past
papers and understand the question paper pattern.

2. You will find the paper with Comprehension and creative writings like
Essay writing, Articles etc.,

3. Take a lot of practice in reading a lot of passages, interpret the
given questions and answer them accordingly.

4. Secondly, vocabulary questions and composition writing questions also
need practice.

5. You seems to have issues in grammar as well. Pleas work on that as

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