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Title: Need help for my IGCSE
Post by: Ventaro on July 23, 2014, 05:02:57 pm
Hello, my Name is Marco, and i need Help for my IGCSE English Core that i did this year.

We had our Mid-term exams last week, and our English was an Past IGCSE extendet paper   (I am sorry for my gramma, even its not an excuse, I am German, so pleas dont kill me for bad gramma x: )

i actually completly fail it, how u can see in the pdf that i post with this theard.

So, the reason why i write in this Forum is now, that I need help to finde out what i can do better, and what i have do so wrong, and what i need to practise until my IGCSE English Core.

i hope you guys can help me.

The Link to the pdf : http://puu.sh/anOH6/7fda0c5d1c.pdf

Virus total scan if it needed  (in other Forums you allways need it when u post somethink, so i just added it beacus i am not sure about the rules here)