Author Topic: Which book is the true book of God? Quran or is it the Bible?  (Read 4604 times)

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Re: Which book is the true book of God? Quran or is it the Bible?
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2013, 03:27:37 am »
Thank you for answering back, your points of view are very nice but in my opinion some of them are wrong.
As you said the literal meaning for Jihad is struggle, but do you think that it is only about fighting non-Muslims. I think this is where you go wrong, because as i asked you before check the 2012 SF magazine and read the article: When is the term Jihad is used? written by Golden Girl
Here is the link for the magazine:

2. I am sorry but last time i was wrong about slavery but, but you re supposed to treat them well and not to torture them, but modern rules ban us from having slaves.

3. The punishments, don't you think if Islamic punishments were implied, that crime would have been much less.
E.g: Lets say I am a thief, i was caught and then the court ordered my hand to be cut off. Now I am released an you saw me on the street after you have just finished planning a theft, you ask the people what happened to my hand and they tell it got cut off as a punishment for me stealing, don't you think that you will now going to rethink your plan a million times before doing it.

I personally think that the level of crime is high because Islamic punishments are not implied.

4. You cannot judge Islam because of some people, it doesn't mean that because some people hate non-Muslims that it is our religion that tells us to do that.

I hope i was convincing and that you now understand Islam a bit better.
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