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The witcher!
« on: December 29, 2008, 11:19:22 am »
Hey heard of the game called the witcher? well i think its one of the best games that were ever around,
<h1>The Witcher PC game!</h1>
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The northern lands - that is the Nordling Realms, described by Andrzej Sapkowski in his novels and short stories, are threatened by unspeakable doom. According to the prophecy of Ithilinne, an elven seeres, the world will be destroyed during the Time of White Cold and White Light - frost, snow and a glacier that will cover the lands from the north.

A cruel and bloody war with the southern empire of Nilfgaard and the elves has recenly ended, but left the northern lands ravished and destroyed. The reign of quarrelling and short-sighted kings is falling. Amongst the chaos and confusion, a new bastion of peace rises - The Order of the Burning Rose. The monk-knights promise to bring peace and prosperity, and unite all the Nordling realms. The knights claim that the coming frost may only be defeated by the power of fire, which they worship. However the ones to survive the cataclysm are generally the pure-blooded Nordlings. The Order is getting more and more powerful. It has been given lands in the kingdom of Aedrin and fights there against the elves from the Valley of the Flowers. The monks want to win favors of the monarchs from the twelve northern realms, and strive to acquire the wastelands inhabited by elves.
<table style="width: 100%">
      <td colspan="2"><h2>Video clips from the game</h2></td>
      <td width="50%">This is the intro of the game, the video they should in
      the beginning of the game to introduce you to the game, don't tell me
      its not good!</td>
      <td>This is just an inner game play scene i got off YouTube, don't tell me its not superb</td>
      <td width="50%">[yt=425,350][/yt]</td>

- Meanwhile, on the roads and tracks hordes of monsters start to appear, and among them are species long extinct or exterminated decades ago. They feed on corpses, attack people and spread panic and fear among the inhabitants of the northern realms. There are even unbelievable rumors, that somebody in a secret hideout breeds the beasts for an unknown purpose;
- It is in these grim times that our young protagonist comes back to Kaer Morhen, a ruined stronghold of the witchers, where he was to subjected to trials and mutations, and trained to be professional monster slayer. When the witcher arrives there, the stronghold is attacked by some mysterious assailants. Only a few witchers reside there and they have to fight back the attackers, and at the moment our story begins;
- In the game, the hero will travel across vast areas of the Nordling Realms, visiting places and locations known from the books and encountering many characters described both in the "witcher saga" and short stories. He will learn who is behind the assault on Kaer Morhen and will discovers secrets that might be a threat to the whole world.

the description came from: - i am not really great at describing, so i used their article, and it gives a pretty good impression of the game
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Re: The witcher!
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2008, 01:23:40 pm »
I will never ever say The Witcher sucks, i love this game, i still play it even though i finished it :D, seriously this game just keeps getting better and better  ;)

Nice blog mate  ;D ;D ;D

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Re: The witcher!
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I think that this question is very good.