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Dear Editor,
This is in response to the television programme telecasted last saturday on`A.B.C` channel. One of the participants Mr.Alexander blamed teenagers for all the problems, portrayed a partial picture .He has put a tirade of accusations on teenagers.
Sir I think he is quite unfair in criticizing the teenagers. You also know that there are some black sheeps in every society which disturb the whole society. Not all of the teenagers are like them. There is a dire need to rectify the misconceptions as thought by Mr.Alexander that all teenagers are stubborn and violent.
I totally disagree with this fact that teenagers are troublemakers. Out of hectic schedule; we do need leisure to relax and enjoy. We are already under pressure due to the burden of studies and parents and teachers expectations. Let me the gentleman that we are law-abiding citizens; we are not troublemakers. We are sensitive and much concerned about studies. All the teenagers adopt the latest fashion prevailing in the world. So, they should not be marked as untidily dressed generation.
Teenagers are useful members of society. They are working in crisis like floods and earthquakes. Youth society, organizations are raising funds, donations for the helpless and downtrodden.
I am sure that now Mr.Alexander and other having similar thoughts will rethink about such comments.
Yours faithfully,

I need this answer in just few minutes bcoz i have to submit this assignment to my teacher OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!