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Parliamentary Democracy Bangladesh
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:38:23 pm »
The concept of democracy originated from the Greek words. Democracy thus means the power of the people. Democracy is system of the rule by temporary majorities. Democracy is not only linked with goo governance( To know electric governmentt) but also with fair function of any parliamentary majority. parliament is supreme law(what is law) making body. and p[parliamentary democracy is rule of the majority where minority has the right to criticizes the ruling party or coalition parties.

Parliamentary democracy(what is democracy) has been practicing since her birth. Moreover after few years of practicing parliamentary democracy since its liberation in 1971. Bangladesh Went through serious political instability with the staging of coups and counter coups. in the process by the court icy military dictators . The form of government was changed Presidential system . Again in the earl es nineties democratic political(definition of political science) forces got themselves united and succeed in their fight against the longest service dictator. HM Ershar holding, Free and fair election under the neutral caretaker government  paved way for amending the constitution to revert to the parliamentary form government in 1991

To know freedom of press

But unfortunately the last 13 years parliamentary democracy fell for short of living up to the public expectation since February 1991. Three parliaments 5th, 6th, and 8th were elected t  through popular voting under non partisan caretaker government system and another short lived parliament  he 6th one, was elected amidst boycott by all mainstreams political parties and very low voters turnout. In fact that 15th February 1996 poll was necessary for bringing in a constitutional amendment provisioning for a permanent system of holding parliamentary polls under caretaker admission.(to know rights in Islam)