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Newbies Corner!
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Student Forums is the only forum for students endorsed by FreeExampapers, a website harbouring thousands of exam papers of all sorts. We're delighted to have you as a part of our community.

Like all newcomers, you may get a little lost in the forum as to where to post topics, what to say and what to do. So, we've prepared this guide for you so that you find it easy to know how to browse and use the forum effectively.

SO, if you are drowning in the sea of 'nowhere' then let us throw in the lifebuoy!

Yes, many are still unaware that the 'Help' tab really helps clear out all the basic confusions a new member has to face while posting.  ('How do I reply do this post?', 'How do I open a new topic?' 'What's the BBC code to insert an image?''Where's that option that will enable me to edit so and so thing in my profile'? etc..etc..)

What can I do in this forum? Will I have a productive use of my time? What'll I benefit from here?

Here's a summary of our educational and non-educational boards.

Qualifications. (Educational)

This forum is a great attraction site for IB, IGCSE, GCE O-LEVEL and AS & A2 Level students for remarkable reasons. Outstanding resources and an entire board for 'Subject Doubts' may help you get through your exams like a drink of chocolate smoothie.

Make sure you  'check out' the boards properly before opening a new thread because it takes a lot of Staff's time and energy to clean up the misplaced threads.


Debates. – Let go of your inner lion!

Debates on most controversial topics of the era takes place in this section. Opposing views meet to create an uproar and memorable moments. NOTE:- ONLY Debate, DO NOT 'Murder with words'.

Chit-chat! – Addiction Bomb!

This is where you get to talk about (most) everything and anything, meet your online Best Friends For Life , and just fall in love… with the forum.
It's addicting, so make sure you make yourself scarce during the exam days.

Also, there are various other entertainment boards (and a cool Chat room!) for you to let off the steam. ENJOY!

For further inquiry or help, PM us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

List of active Staff Members.

Most Unique
The Golden Girl


Best regards,
SF Administration

P.S - Please read the SF RULES THOROUGHLY before posting.

P.P.S - Now, please introduce yourself (in a new thread) and give us a chance to WELCOME you again!.  ;D

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Re: Newbies Corner!
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Nice topic. Impressive graphics.