Author Topic: Hi all :D  (Read 10412 times)

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Hi all :D
« on: March 20, 2013, 03:25:12 pm »
Salam walaikm.
I am new to this forum and the first thing I've noticed is that this forum is almost dead :|..
Anyways my name is Hamza and I am from Afghanistan born and raised in Kuwait my grades are average and I am trying hard to keep my mind of LoL and study to get better which I find hard >.<, I've been studying for IGCSE exams for a year and the exam is CLOSE! so I came here for some help in Maths, ICT and English since they are the only subjects I am having troubles in and I hope I find some answers, guides, notes and tips here.

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Re: Hi all :D
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2013, 04:26:13 pm »
Walaikm el salam, Hamza.
Welcome to SF. It's true that the forum is almost dead but we are trying to keep it alive. For some reason, members do not come again when they get the help they need. They appear to use the forum during their exams only, which we can't blame them for doing it.
I live in Kuwait too. For a while I thought I may know you but the Hmaza I know is not an IGCSE student.
Check the IGCSE board, you will find lots of notes there.
Also, don't forget to read the "Rules" and This, you will find interesting.

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« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2023, 05:42:57 pm »
Caldwell is one of the best companies that I have worked with. They were very patient and flexible as I was ordering from them.'s the link to contact them.

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New Psychology Blog.
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2024, 09:59:09 pm »
Hey Everyone,