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Re: Student Forum Facts
« Reply #45 on: November 30, 2011, 05:09:57 pm »
One day they might come back you will never know ..... ;)

Hope they will insA :)

It will be a honour to get everyone back like a family gathering :)

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Re: Student Forum Facts
« Reply #46 on: January 07, 2012, 07:03:12 am »
Student Forum Facts

History of SF
SF was brought into existence on the 28 May 2008. At that time we had only a few regular members, but now we are proud to state that we have more than 14 thousand members. This site has proved to be a support for students all over the world throughout their studies.

During the last 2 years SF has known many great personalities who have endured so much for the sake of this website from which we are all benefiting today. These individuals may have left SF but their footprints will remain forever. So I would like to dedicate this entire thread to all those who have strived to make sure SF never fails and ends up into what it is right now.

Our previous admins:
Shoshou..Mony : You've been one of the oldest members here and it will be really difficult for anyone to dislodge you from the top spot for having the most posts ever. You were always full of humour and ever ready to help anytime. You were the most faithful member of SF and above all, were a kind person, devoted to your responsibilities.

Engraved : Here is the big gun of SF. Just post a doubt and it is answered in a matter of time. We all trust you until the very end and your advice remain useful to any present member. You always opted for the best for this forum and anyone would be highly honoured to at least be able to do a little portion of what you did here. You had become the teacher for many and your selflessness in helping others was laudable.

Sweetsh : You had stayed up nights looking after the administrative procedures of SF. You were going to become the Manager here, sad you left before. But we all appreciate everything you did for the welfare of the forum.

Q80BOY : Your notes have always been of great help to members here and we are forever indebted to you for having provided us with so much of your time and hardwork. You have been one of the most courageous moderators, an on-the-field person.

Nid404 : Always hilarious and ready to help especially in science subjects anytime, even if you had to have some sleepless nights. You did your best not to let anyone feel rejected here and kept us all united. A true friend to those that knew you. The moral backbone of the forum, indispensable for all.

Saifalan : SF's barrister. Fond of computer but did not really appreciate Maths. You worked really hard to keep SF at it's most prized task, providing resources.

Previous moderators:
$tyli$h Executive : You are one of the best debators we've come across. Really impressive and dedicated to your work, you have been one of the best moderators of your time. Just too bad you could not become our admin. Your genuine concern for the forum, and good management skills made you one of those who wouldn't hesitate to speak up when the need arose.

Zain-Xa : The first SF Overlord (reached 10,000 posts). So full of life and energy. You, along with few others, kept the forum alive when it was dying really bad. A good and very nurtured individual who never hesitated to help anyone around here.

°o.O-hash94-O.o° : You were the best tech-updater here! Thank you for having shared with us much of your knowledge in technology.

SGVaibhav : You were entitled "SF Spammer". Very curious guy - especially about technological advances. You really had a knack for creating new topics - which we all can note from the stats.  Often you would ask technical questions about the forum. On the whole, a very good person.

MaNi_DaDuDe :A very good-natured and pleasant person. Quite hyper as well and would often crack jokes at other members! You also helped a lot in sciences and university board from which members will benefit for a life-time.

Lana Wolf : The bubbly and cheerful girl. An amazing person to talk to. Kept the chit chat section alive most of the time. Has a pleasant personality. Helped many, loved by all.

Meticulous : One of the best moderators SF has seen. Very encouraging and noble. Helped many at academics. You were indeed a great friend.

Twinkle Charms : Charming young lady who was very active in Chit-Chat as well. Always full of jokes and provided a very good company. Just too bad we lost you though you are sure to have paved a way into the hearts of many members here.

MaNa : IB pro. Omnipresent for any member here, offering the most you can in terms of help and advice. Very creative and has lots of imagination. It is always a pleasure to talk to you.

Ghost Of Highbury~ : One of the smartest people SF has seen. You have contributed a lot and helped numerous members at academics. A very polite and pleasant person. You were also known as the Maths pr0.

Angell : Lovely and adorable girl. One of the very first mods to be appointed. Very clever, and used to help people for their exams and a few notes and stuff. So like, all the questions and stuff were kept for you.

sanity_master : Was damn fun to chat with you. Very sympathetic as well. You were SUPER intelligent especially in Maths and Sciences where you used to help a lot. You commanded respect and responsibility which made you a very good moderator. You were also Roxy's twin brother, at least here on SF.

Mr Boombastic : The 'bad boy' of SF. Was famous for his CAPITAL letters! A complete joker who has been demoted from the moderator position around 4 times for misconduct before being reinstated. Very friendly dude who never failed to impress others with his great sense of humour.

Other precious members :
Hope : One of the best members here who have kept SF alive with her sweet words. Very encouraging and helped some get themselves at ease here.

Kheper : The funny guy. Your mega grand entry had created a great hype. A great laugh, a smart guy, was loved by many members. In short - a perfect all rounder.

Kim  :  You were one of the most caring, sweetest and mind-blowing persons. Brought life to the chit-chat section when it was completely deserted. You along with your devil-twin, totally took over the Pakistani forum. The no. 1 cricket fan on SF. 

AS-Girl : Best friend of Q80BOY but a real support for everyone who knew her. A lovely girl who loves chat with everyone. You were always there for us and knew exactly what to say to bring a smile to our lips.

Abdulrahman : SF Don.You were loved by everyone without exception, especially all the girls.
A cool man full of jokes and ever present in having fun.

Eamyzz : Very bubbly, quite girly and giggly and especially lovely! We were sure never to get bored when you were here.

We have also in mind those who have contributed a lot for the forum and yet are still part of our staff. So, special thanks goes to :

DrEvil : One of the best admin we ever had. You kept us all united with your timeless efforts to keep the forum going especially when some precious members left. Very cool and calm, you've always thought about the betterment of SF. Has a very clean record here and if I may say, an examplary legendary member for the forum.

astarmathsandphysics : Here is the master of this forum. Sir, you've helped so many members here that we cannot thank you enough. We really are indebted to you and I wonder what we would have been without you. Even your age never stopped you from joking and chatting with us.

ExamPapersGeek : Some of you must be wondering when did him get to be an admin? But yes, he's one of the admins of this forum. You may not be very active but yet your contribution here especially about the technical stuffs is laudable.

past-papers : Another rarely online admin but like ExamPapersGeek has contributed a lot for the forum. You are one of the pillars of SF.

Ari Ben Canaan : Jack of all trade of SF. Knows every small piece of this forum by heart. You've helped a lot in the educational boards. You're never afraid to take action against anyone and always firm on your decision once it's taken. Our lion here is undoubtedly one of the bravest Mod and Admin we've had.

~Alpha : The most responsible person on SF. You always have the right words at the appropriate time. Loved by all, hated by none throughout each and every generation . Has been one of the best debators here along with $tyli$h Executive. Miss Grammar is also very active in her respective subjects helping as much as she can. You turned out to be like the mother of many members here especially in terms of advice.

Roxy : If you wanna rock, here's our she-man. Just mention the word fun and here she is. You've been around for so long that your presence is essential for us now. Great sense of humour and likes action. You're not the sort of person who'll just sit around and watch the fun.

~ The Golden Girl ~ : Our resource person. Googling is her passion. You've provided so much useful links to our members that they have no reason to fail in their exams. So full of life and kept the forum alive so many times. Has worked hard to earn the Moderator title and you fully deserve it.

Vin : You've helped so many members here for their doubts about Science and Maths. You've proved yourself to be a very good moderator and your way of handling matters are astonishingly effective.

Thank you all, because we learnt from each one of you something,
                    because we benefited from each piece of information,
                    because of each smile, each tear we have shared together,
                    because of each night, each fight we've had all the days long,
                    because of reducing the exams' stress, being their for everyone,
                    because you shared your talents and gifts from GOD,
                    because you were always there in the moments of happiness or sorrow,
                    because you filled my life with love,
                    because of all your nice and sweet words all over the forum,
                    because of being a "family" -real one- and "friends" -real ones-
                                                                                        From one of our dearest members, Sweetsh

On behalf of all the members of SF to all those mentioned above...

We want to tell you "Thank you,"
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient--
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.

Please know we have deep feelings
About your generous acts.
We really appreciate you;
You’re special, and that’s a fact!


You close your eyes,
now you're seeing nothing...
plain black right?
Close your eyes,
and I hope you'll realize,
that behind that black curtain...
We are there smiling for you...

By Joanna Fuchs

Best Regards, SF Staff

This is a copy of the article we wish to publish in the oncoming newsletter but we thought it might be best to have some comments from you members along with the article.

So you're free to comment here but know that we will select only the 5 best. Your comments should concern the individuals mentioned above and how you're acquainted with them. So guys, give it your best shot.

Date limit : 10th February

P.S : We request each and every member not to get too emotional. We all respect the decision of any members who have left us and it is not to be argued here.


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Re: Student Forum Facts
« Reply #47 on: August 18, 2012, 06:35:06 pm »
 :-* :-* :-*

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Re: Student Forum Facts
« Reply #48 on: August 18, 2012, 06:36:32 pm »

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Re: Student Forum Facts
« Reply #49 on: August 18, 2012, 06:41:04 pm »
That wasn't for you  :P

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Re: Student Forum Facts
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Re: Student Forum Facts
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Re: Student Forum Facts
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