Author Topic: Revolution Comes to UK  (Read 729 times)

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Revolution Comes to UK
« on: August 10, 2011, 11:14:42 pm »
There have been riots all over the UK, with teenagers breaking into shops to steal plasma screen tv's, computers, alcohol and just about everything else.
The police here are frankly pathetic, just standing and gawping when they are not selling our personal information to journalist or taking kickbacks from criminals.
At the end of my road a petrol station was looted, and in the local town centre shops were broken into - both are now boarded up, and yesterday I drove past a 200 strong group of vigilantes walking down the high street.

It makes me feel part of the revolution now, but in this country we feel as though we have all been buggered by the banks for several hundred billion pounds. A banker gets away with a few million so why shouldn't the average person get away with a plasma screen tv?