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SF Rules 2011/2012
« on: July 07, 2011, 07:56:21 pm »
SF Rules 2011/2012

1) XXX Content

Absolutely NO XXX content allowed anywhere in SF.
All files posted in SF should be free of XXX content.

What do we mean by No XXX content allowed:-

"No XXX content allowed" means that Adults materials are not allowed, and adults materials starts from Bikini models up to p**n materials.

2) Reputation

Do Not ask/request/demand members to add reputation to your post.
If members like your post then they will decide themselves whether to rep you or not.

3) Spamming

Spamming is strictly prohibited in SF.
SPAM is an acronym for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages".
It will not only cause more work for the staff but you will also bring down on yourself a bad reputation. Only post when necessary and all your post should be meaningful.

Check below to see which posts comes into this category :
  A post which is illegible
  A post with only smilies,
  A post with one-liner responses such as "Yeah I agree" are spam or one word response such as ‘Yes’ is also considered as spam.
  A post with excessive use of caps (shouting)
  A post "advertising" other free hosts
  A post with only question/exclamation-marks
  A post which contains xxx contents
  A post which is meant to insult or hurt other member's sentiments
  A post with links to websites or services, not relevant to the topic
  A post with links to websites or services, of which you have undisclosed affiliation
  A post for no apparent reason, other than increase post count


4) Respect

Respect Means No Flaming, Trolling, Fighting, or Harassment
- Above all else, be mindful and respectful of others. We maintain a community here, not a battlefield.
- Flaming means insulting another member; and trolling is posting something with the intent to provoke flames. The prohibition applies to threads, posts and PMs.
- No bashing will be permitted, including: people and other sites, If you want to reason someone or a character, you may explain your points with evidence respectfully.
- You may discuss in a heated manner, but do not post in such a way as to start a fight. Make statements that are supported by evidence, and express opinions supported by reasons.
- No cussing or using bad language is allowed in this forum.
- Report threads, posts, and PMs violating this rule. Don't respond! Staff will deal with it.

5) Religion, Politics and Adult material

No DEBATING about Religions, politics or adult topics anywhere in this Forum! Debating about them will result in a ban depending on the situation at hand.
Only threads for special occasions and peaceful discussions about one religion are allowed and that also in only Chit Chat Board.


No arguments or even debates shall be allowed regarding racism. This will result in a warning and if a member persists then a direct ban.

7) Cheating

No act of Cheating will be allowed.
Anyone caught doing so will face a permanent ban.

Following is the criteria:

Asking to cheat through posts

1. If a member attempts to cheat via a post/s, he will be warned.
2. If the member persists, in his/her efforts, he/she will be suspended for a period of 7 days.
3. After coming back, if the member cheats, then he/she will be permanently banned.

Asking to cheat or revealing exam content through PMs

Immediate and full ban shall be implemented if such an incident is reported, as the cheater may find someone who will comply with cheating.

However, if a member has been falsely accused, and if the member says so, then the Admins will have to look into the incident.

Revealing exam content via post

1. First, second and third warning shall be given.
2. If the person still persists in his/her efforts, then a suspension will be implemented for 7 days.
3. If the person still continues, then they will be banned till the end of the exam period.

8 ) Reasons For Posting Disability

It will be disabled for two weeks to anyone who caught doing the following again after being warned:
1.   Spamming with "Thank You", “You’re welcome”, “Yes”, “No”, “Ok” any of them alone in one post.
2.   Spamming with "Meaningless" replies.
3.   Double posting in purpose.
4.   Posting the same topic in several sections.
5.   Requesting adult materials.

9) Reasons For Suspending

It will be made for one month to any one that spams with non-mobile related sites or any one that send PM's with bad words to others.

10) Reasons For Banning

1. It will be done to anyone who post a p**n related materials.
2. It will be done to anyone who advertises for other mobiles sites.
3. It will be done to anyone who gets warned more than 5 times.

11) About the report button

Any one that use the report button to make a request, will be warned.

12) Double Posting and Duplicating Threads

- Double posting is spam. Use the "edit" and "multi-quote" functions (explained below) instead. But if it's been 24 hours and you have new information, you may post again.
- Duplicating threads or posting prohibited threads is also spam. Use the "forum search" function, or simply look through the threads, to see if your topic is being discussed. And read your forums' stickies.

13) Language

Use proper English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you aren't a native English speaker, just try your best. We aren't unreasonable. Native English speakers have no excuse, and we can tell if you are. If UR tIpIng laeK TH15 u need to change your writing.

Thank you for reading our rules and we hope you have a pleasant stay in SF. =]
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