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Plagiarism, in simple terms, is copying the work of someone else and claiming it to be yours. It's something we're going to avoid at all costs.

Of course, you can CITE someone's work. You can copy also, provided that you give credit to the original author.

But I would prefer we write our own material. Originality is number 1 on our requirements. Remember that we need to be different. We have to remain on another level. We cannot copy what others do. Otherwise, there are still so many professional papers they can access for free.


There has to be a solid, strong, valid, and convincing reply to:

Why Student Forum*?

Here are few things you might want to read:

From Wikipedia:
Factors that justify reuse

Pamela Samuelson in 1994 identified several factors which excuse reuse of one's previously published work without the culpability of self-plagiarism.[22] She relates each of these factors specifically to the ethical issue of self-plagiarism, as distinct from the legal issue of fair use of copyright, which she deals with separately. Among other factors which may excuse reuse of previously published material Samuelson lists the following:

   1. The previous work needs to be restated in order to lay the groundwork for the contribution in the second work.
   2. The previous work needs to be restated in order to lay the groundwork for a new contribution in the second work.
   3. Portions of the previous work must be repeated in order to deal with new evidence or arguments.
   4. The audience for each work is so different that publishing the same work in different places was necessary to get the message out.
   5. The author thinks they said it so well the first time that it makes no sense to say it differently a second time.

Samuelson states she has relied on the "different audience" rationale when attempting to bridge interdisciplinary communities. She refers to writing for different legal and technical communities, saying: "there are often paragraphs or sequences of paragraphs that can be bodily lifted from one article to the other. And, in truth, I lift them." She refers to her own practice of converting "a technical article into a law review article with relatively few changes--adding footnotes and one substantive section" for a different audience.[22]

Samuelson describes misrepresentation as the basis of self-plagiarism. She seems less concerned about reuse of descriptive materials than ideas and analytical content.[22] She also states “Although it seems not to have been raised in any of the self-plagiarism cases, copyrights law’s fair use defense would likely provide a shield against many potential publisher claims of copyright infringement against authors who reused portions of their previous works."[22]
Does Intent Matter with Plagiarism?

Read this section, if not all.

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Re: Plagiarism
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Thank you Alpha

This is very important.

I would like to raise this matter for all writers in the newsletter. :)

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Re: Plagiarism
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Thank you Alpha!  :)

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Re: Plagiarism
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Thanks Alpa ! ;D

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