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Flowchart depicting how to structure writing
« on: November 18, 2010, 01:00:32 am »
I made it in portuguese first a long time ago, now I've translated it.

To the left it's a flowchart. The boxes represent paragraphs. The arrows represent the flow. The arrows flow both ways because what you say in one paragraph needs to be related to what is said in the next, ideas can be reused or recycled, just don't repeat yourself resaying the same thing with different words. The long arrows represent a "closed" text, what is said in the beginning has to come down to a conclusion in the end, otherwise the text is left open with unaswered questions or doubts.

To the right it's a jigsaw puzzle resembling an old MS Office logo  ::). It can be seen both as per paragraph and as the whole text itself. It represents how "thighly bounded" the ideas area, the connections between ideas, organization, ordered arguments.
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Re: Flowchart depicting how to structure writing
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Thank you!
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